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    Want the latest news on all things related to direct lender payday loans, installment loans and cash advance loans? As well as insight into government regulations of the short term lending industry? Do you want information on how to find out if a direct payday lender can do business in your state? Do you want to know our opinion and thoughts on the latest news about everything related to direct payday lenders? If so you’ve come to the right place. The short term lending industry is changing. Many longtime companies that provide loans direct have stopped issuing loans direct. It’s important that you know exactly what’s going on with any type of term loan. On top of that we’re seeing many companies move away from the model of offering payday loans and moved towards an installment loan model. In the blog posts below we do our best to give you the latest news about payday loan. We may even give you our opinion on the news as well! We try to update our blog at least twice a week so check back often for new posts.


    Direct Lender Payday Loans – Recent Blog Posts:


    A breakdown of the payday loan industry and where things are headed next.
    Direct lender payday loans have been around for a few decades but where will the industry be over the next decade…Read here for more

    Does my neighborhood bank offer direct lender payday loans? Or are these loans only offered by online lenders?
    Did you know your local bank may offer direct lender payday loans? It’s true, these loans aren’t called payday loans but they’re no different…Read here for more

    I’m looking for a direct lender payday loan. Who are the best direct payday lenders to apply with?
    We’re often asked who the best direct payday lenders are. We’ll try to break it down in this article…Read here for more

    Check out this infographic to see if direct payday lenders can do business in your state
    Do you know which states currently allow direct lender payday loans? Use our infographic to find out if your state allows direct payday lenders…Read here for more

    Are you dealing with a payday loan direct lender or a payday loan matching service?
    Don’t waste your time and money dealing with payday loan matching services! Find out how to find actual loans direct…Read here for more

    Are direct lender payday loans legal in all 50 states?
    Are you allowed to get a payday loan in your state? Each state has different laws about payday loans direct lenders and the answer may surprise you…Read here for more

    Forgot about payday loans, what’s the average credit score in 2014?
    Do you have a good credit score? Is it at least average? Make sure you know where you stand if you’re applying for a direct payday loan…Read here for more

    What to do if you’re being sued by a direct payday lender
    Is a bill collectory suing you for a past due payday or installment loan? You’ll first want to make sure the debt is valid…Read here for more

    Why are there so few direct payday loan lenders?
    Even though the demand for payday loans direct lenders is high there are fewer direct payday lenders operating right now…Read here for more

    Why are direct payday lenders seeing a huge increase of applicants?
    Did you think all the large direct payday lenders were becoming extinct? Think again, here’s why the industry is booming…Read here for more

    What is the average interest rate on a direct payday loan?
    Thinking of getting a payday loan? Make sure you understand the interest rate before you get that loan…Read here for more

    Am I able to get a direct lender payday loan if I’m in the military?
    Are you an active duty military member that’s trying to get a direct lender payday loan? If so there are things you need to know…Read here for more

    What are the alternatives to getting a payday loan from a direct lender?
    Are you applying with all the companies that provide direct lender payday loans trying to get a loan? Before you take the plunge be sure you know your options…Read here for more

    Where did all the direct lender payday loans go?
    Have you noticed there aren’t as many direct lender payday loans available as there used to be? There’s a few reasons why this is…Read here for more

    How to find the best direct payday loan direct lender.
    Find out what to look for when it comes to finding the best payday loans direct lender. We’ll break down your options for you…Read here for more

    How to know if you need a payday loan.
    Are you thinking of getting a payday loan? If so, make sure you’ve evaluated all your other options first… Read here for more

    Need a payday Loan? Be sure to apply with a payday loan direct lender!
    Many people waste their time and get nowhere when they apply online for a payday loan. Find out why it’s always best to go with a direct payday lender… Read here for more

    How to apply for a payday loan that doesn’t need a credit check
    If you have bad credit you may need to apply with a online payday loan lender that doesn’t check your credit. Here’s why you may want to apply with a lender that offers a no credit checking loan… Read here for more

    Find a lender that can get you a payday loan nearby
    Are you trying to get a payday loan that’s nearby and close to where you live? We’ll break down the different payday loan direct lender options for you… Read here for more

    Know the fees and charges that come with direct lender payday loans
    Did you take out a loan from a payday loans direct lender only to find extra charges and fees you didn’t know about? If so, don’t let it happen again… Read here for more

    View our updated directory of companies that offer payday loans direct lenders
    As always the main section of our site is our comprehensive directory of direct lender payday loans. We’ve hosted this directory of direct lenders for years and we make it a point to update the database at least once a month. Please let us know if you know of any direct payday lenders that may be missing from our database!


    Keep checking this page at least once a week for new blog posts about all things related to payday loans direct lenders. We hope to have answered all your questions about how direct lender payday loans and direct installment loans work. If you still have questions feel free to check out our Payday Loan Direct lender FAQ for beginners. In this FAQ we’ve tried to answer the most basic questions about payday loans direct lenders and how cash advances work. Remember, the Payday Loan FAQ is for beginners only. It attempts to answer the most basic questions about direct payday lenders and bank installment loan companies. If you’re looking for more in-depth info then you’ll want to check out our detailed payday loan faq. You can access our detailed Direct Lender payday Loans FAQ here.