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    Do you know what type of loan a payday loan company offers? Do you know the difference between a payday or installment loan? Is a cash advance company different from a direct payday lender or online matching service? If you answered yes to those three questions then you’re in good shape. All you need to do now is get a loan from one of the online direct payday lenders out there. Luckily we can help find a personal lender. Head on over to our online list and breakdown of direct payday lenders to find the lender that’s best for your situation. If you answered no to any of the above questions don’t worry, we’ll explain it all for you! Many consumers are in the same boat as you and don’t have a clue when it comes to finding an online lender. If you’re still trying to figure out the basics about how cash advances work. You may want to check out our updated short term financing FAQ. In our latest FAQ post we’ve tried to answer the simplest of questions. Many of these questions are about how cash advances installment loans work. Check out our latest Payday Loan FAQ Part 2 today.

    Identify companies that are direct short term lenders

    When we first developed this website our goal was two-fold. We wanted to find all the large direct lenders of payday loans and installment lenders. It’s also important for determine which states they’re funding loans in. We also wanted to help our visitors understand what an actual direct payday lender is. It’s important to only apply for loans with direct payday lenders.  Compare that to services that are provided by marketing companies. With that, we’re in no way opposed to legitimate payday loan matching services. They definitely fill a need in helping consumers who may not qualify with any of the large direct payday lenders. Marketing services will sometimes match you with different payday loans direct lenders. Sometimes these lenders are the same companies that are in our online database! Sometimes, a short term lender matching site is a waste of time. You’ll be better served by only applying with direct payday lenders.

    The definition of “direct payday lender” can’t be any more straightforward. A firm that offers payday loans is a company that’s the actual lender offering and funding the loan. A direct lender is not a middleman, broker or matching service. They’re the actual company who’s offering an individual a small amount of money. This cash is paid back in full in a short period of time. With this route you’re skipping through the excess layers. In all cases it’s important to know the key terms and definitions that are used by short term lenders. Otherwise you will find issues with a broker or online payday loan matching service. If you apply with an online installment loan matching service it may sound good at first. They plan to submit your information to hundreds of direct payday loans lenders. direct lender payday loan matchingYou may be left with few options as many of the largest and legitimate personal loan companies don’t work with brokers or matching services. Also, you’re way less likely to fall victim to identity theft by working with a direct payday lender opposed to a matching service. Do you want your personal and private information blasted all over the internet to hundreds of unknown companies? Remember, we’re talking about your social security number and banking information as well. That’s something you don’t want to mess with. If a company has your bank routing number and account number they can easily withdraw money from your checking account! You’ll be better served by going with a reputable direct payday lender. Your personal and private information won’t be blasted all throughout the internet!

    Getting an online advance from a direct lender can be easy!

    The question above, about determining the type of short term lender is important. This is a question you’ll definitely want to know. It’s critical that applicants know exactly what payday lenders require of them before signing up. The good news is that this is an easy question to answer. Most payday loans direct lenders will tell you straight up that they’re direct lenders. They will also be members of various online lending trade organizations. Most will post their state licenses on their website. Look for areas on their website that are designed for current customers. For example, do they have a page listed for their customers to login and view their loan status or pay off their loan early? Try to look for pages labeled “my account” or “access my loan information”. Evidence of those pages on a site typically means you’re working with a direct payday lender opposed to a broker or matching service. The same applies to car title companies, credit unions and other finance lenders. On the flip side it can be a bit more tricky to spot an online matching service that’s masquerading as a legitimate direct payday lender. Many of these companies will want you to think that they’re the lender and you’re in the right place. Some will even go as far to list interest rate or compare specific loan qualification info.  When in fact we know the details are  generalized information! You can usually spot a payday loan matching service by scrolling down all the way to the bottom of the page. Most matching services, car title lenders and online brokers will explain terms on their site. These terms will say in small print on the bottom of their site that they are not direct lenders. You’ll usually see something that says “the operator of this site is not a lender or representative of any lender. This website does not constitute an offer or solicitation to lend”. If you see that type of verbiage or anything like what we described then you’re most likely dealing with a payday loan matching service.

    We would like to think we’ve explained what a cash advance is. You should know the difference between an online payday advance and a cash matching service. Borrowers must determine if they’re working with an actual direct lender payday loan company.  Or is it a simple payday advance matching service? If you know you’re working with a direct cash advance lender you’re more than likely going to save a lot of time and hassle in your search for quick cash. You should end up with a great cash advance. Make sure you pay it back in full on the due date! Here’s another new blog post where we discuss pros and cons of pre-approval for a short term loan. Do i want an automatic approval for a short term cash loan?

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