• Go with a direct lender if you’re looking for a payday loan


    Direct Lender Payday Loans Are Not Your Only Option!

    Are you interested in getting an online short term loan? If so, you’ll want to be sure this type of short term loan is the best option for you. We’ve already covered this concern in a previous blog post. Feel free to check it out here: Do I really need a payday loan? If you are uncertain that an online advance is your best option.

    Have you done your due diligence and feel an online cash advance is your best option? Then it’s now time to find the loan that’s best for you. Problem is, most consumers don’t know where to start when first looking for an online payday loan. Do a simple search online for various lending related terms. You’ll be bombarded with thousands of websites and offers. All promising they can get you a personal loan in minutes with no hassle or stress on your end. The reality is this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Most of the cash loan sites that come up through an online search will be payday loan matching sites. This includes sites that come up in a generic search as well as sites that pay the search engine to show on the first page. Most short term and installment loan matching websites are owned by marketing companies. These companies will never offer you financing upfront. They’ll always try to make money by selling your personal and private information. Simply put, these sites will take your personal information. Then blast it all over the internet to companies they think are direct payday lenders. Not to mention, numerous other companies that should have no business with your info.
    don't stress over online loan sites

    Some consumers may get lucky and land on a site hosted by one of the few reputable payday advance companies. But this is few and far between when you search for an installment service. You’re going to be wasting your time or you’re going to deal with something far worse. Besides installment lender matching services which take up your time. There are also sites setup to get your personal information and steal your identity. These sites prey on consumers that only looking to get an online loan but instead they make it much worse on you. Remember, when you apply for an installment loan you’ll need to give your social security number and birth date. Some of these payday loan matching sites will also require your bank account information. They need checking or savings information to move forward with an application! All legitimate cash advance companies will protect your personal information. Most legitimate companies will use proper industry safeguards. But that’s not the case with some payday loan matching websites. We don’t need to get into what happens to you credit score if your identity is stolen. Rest assured it’s not pretty. There are people who have fought for years to restore their identity and credit report history. All because they filled out a loan application online that turned out to be a scam.

    Hopefully, we haven’t scared you too much in explaining the payday loan application process! There’s still hope out there if you really need a payday loan but want to make sure your personal info is safe. To safeguard your info and not waste your time you’ll want to be sure you apply with legitimate direct payday lenders only! Increased government regulation over the past few years has forced many direct payday lenders to stop lending and shut down. This means there’s only a handful of large legitimate direct payday lenders out there that will let you apply for a loan online. Luckily for you we’ve taken time to determine exactly who these companies are. We’ve detailed their financial and background information in our database of direct payday lenders. Keep in mind, we try to keep our list as new as possible. But there’s always going to be changes especially as we move into the spring months.

    The process of applying for an online payday loan doesn’t have to be confusing and frustrating!

    If you really need a loan make it easy on yourself and use our list of direct lenders payday loans only! Remember, we only list large direct payday lenders that are currently offering loans online to people in the US. We try to break down the state specific lender rules as well as the interest rate info for each lender. Update: As of Spring 2019 we now include info that shows how long you should expect your cash advance to last as well. As the amount of time you should expect to complete the online application. Feel free to check out our list of direct payday lenders today!