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  • How To Find Companies That Offer Direct Payday Loans

    If you do an online search for any payday loan related term you’ll likely get bombarded with dozens of companies that claim to offer direct payday loans. However, most of these companies are not legitimate direct payday loan lenders. These companies simply operate as a payday loan matching service. These marketing sites claim they will match your information with prospective direct lenders. In all likelihood they will sell your information to other companies that may not even be direct lenders! You’re left with your time wasted and usually you’re no closer to your goal of finding a online direct payday loan lender.

    There are many direct payday loan lenders who are ready and willing to give loans to qualified consumers in need of a short term loan!  At we will help you find the best direct lender for your financial needs.  Our goal is to list all the direct online lenders that offer short term payday loans & installment loans in the United States.  We intend to make this the most comprehensive list available of direct payday lenders.

    Use our list of direct payday lenders to your advantage!

    Sometimes you may need to apply with more than one lender if you have bad credit or if you don’t meet the qualifications of some direct payday lenders.  Remember, direct payday loans should only be used for short term cash emergencies.  You don’t want to get stuck in a payday loan cycle that you can’t dig yourself out of.  Payday loan laws and regulations are constantly changing. As the laws change and lenders are added or removed we will continue to update this list as often as possible.  If you notice any errors or know of lenders not listed below then feel free to email us at


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