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    About Our Company: Direct Payday Lenders USA

    “The easier way to find a direct payday loan.”


    Who are we?

    Direct Payday Lenders USA was founded in 2013 to provide you with a helpful database of direct payday lenders. Within minutes, you can scan our listing page and see all the best lenders that serve you and your area. We also provide invaluable payday loan resources and consumer help blog posts and articles to help you navigate the direct lending process.

    Our mission:

    Our mission at Direct Payday Lenders USA is to make it easier for you to find the right lender for your situation and get a payday loan fast. We know how stressful it can be when ends don’t quite meet. Finding a lender shouldn’t add to the financial stress that you’re surely already dealing with. Our directory eliminates the need to click through dozens of listings to find a reputable lender you can trust. Quickly find those who serve your area and offer the most competitive rates.


    How is Direct Payday Lenders USA different from other lending comparison sites?

    Direct Payday Lenders USA is a resource for borrowers. We are not a broker or lender, which sets us apart from most other companies in the industry. Additionally:

    • Directory: We provide a lender directory broken down by state and lender requirements so you can find the providers that fit your needs. Once you find the best direct payday lenders for your situation, we encourage you to consider three offers before selecting the best deal.
    • Loan Variety: We’ve expanded over the years. You can find other short-term loan offers, such as credit lines, car title loans, installment loans, and cash advances. We even recently added a directory of tribal loan lenders.
    • Education: We offer a collection of lending resources to help you understand the pros and cons of unsecured loans.


    Find out more detailed info about our company and values.


    The Direct Payday Lenders USA Story

    Our story began way back in 2013. We noticed that dozens of companies were offering payday loan services online. It was overwhelming to shop around. You’d have to spend hours browsing through websites to find the ones that not only serve you but offer a fair deal and have a decent reputation. Not only that, you didn’t know which companies were legitimate direct payday lenders and which were 3rd party marketing companies.

    That problem was the inspiration for our database of direct loan companies. We created one place to see all the lenders on one page. As a result, you can get the money you need quickly and at a fair and reasonable rate.


    Our core company values

    At Direct Payday Lenders USA, we aim to help payday loan borrowers understand and easily access loans that fit their budget and lending needs.


    Direct Payday Lenders USA believes in the following:

    Efficiency: We believe that it should be improved if something can be done better. This belief sits at the premise of our company’s solution. It’s also reflected in our operations and approach to customer service.

    Transparency: It’s of the utmost importance to us that our customers have the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. We provide lender rates and terms side-by-side so you can understand the payday loan market and what is available to you.

    Knowledge: It’s important to us to help you find the payday loan you need and understand the loan in full before you agree. Our website provides educational resources outlining the pros and cons of short-term loans.


    Find the best direct payday loan lender for your needs faster!

    There’s no longer a need to spend hours online reviewing and comparing payday loan offerings. Gone are the days when you had to look up company information for each lender to see if they were legitimate payday loan companies. Save time and get the loan you need now. Browse our direct payday lender directory to find your state’s best loan terms and rates!


    Contact info:

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    Toll Free: 888-800-3841


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